Easy things Becoming Hardest Things

After a long time
Long steps, thousands of miles
Hundreds of islands
Walking and carrying the weights
of unbearable memory lanes

Still, I belong. Longing.
Still. Stillness.

Another voice at the different poles of my brain
Suddenly opened the last page of us
And shouted at me if only the water follows its vessels.

Only the water follows its vessels.
A vessel can be
A human
A glass
A pool
A spoon
A hands
A thoughts
A faith
A religion

I can draw but you’re imitates
You can sing but birds don’t understand

You can eat but you can’t taste.
You can sleep but you won’t rest.

You can love but you can’t have.

I deeply realize. We’re all just passing by.
Our brightest and warm morning, soon we love dark and gloomy rain in the morning.

I wanted to be your companion.
Back then, loving you in silence is enough.
And I just wanted to say that, little by little, I care for you while in the same time I’m not questioning it and don’t want to ask you.

This my realm.
I hope in your realm, this is happening too.

I’m not seeking & search for anything again.

What is the purpose of searching if you don’t know what you seek?
What is the perfection that is told in your dimensional morphology?
What is to be waiting if all things are not sure?
What is happiness if we can’t share it?

I’m already feeling good just by seeing you. Or smells you.

Sometimes fear inspires.
It motivates me.
Just like silence eat my silences.
Good silences, bad silences…
Solitude is rarely found. Just like the tip of firecrackers, the sparks will end so soon.

Yes, love is “burned”.
From a data to disk.
From a sense to memory.
From a feeling transmitted to feelings.
We’re all observing all the signs.
We welcoming it by many cautions.
Overseer, translating, encapsulating.
We opened those signs until.. its deep core.

Sometimes, we found nothing.
Nothing as nothingness empty.
Ephemeral. Just collaterals.
Not the real image. Not in reality.

Kind of a feeling that uncharted the empty winds. Just like Windchimes speak air language, we hear its beauty and didn’t have to dig deeper into it.

Love, my love was burnt.
In my language, just like an incense stick.

You can be an escapist but coming home is all I wanted.
You can be quiet but the playlist is forever in a constant loop.

Little did I know, I think we designed this.
We’ve been adding some values into songs.
And it’s true that I would never realize it if not from you.