Falling in Lust

We know it since the first time
But we know we didn’t want to talk over it
We connected in a way nobody sees
But we vulnerable to hide it anymore

While you didn’t ask, I’ll never give
I’m gladly waiting for that moment
When I didn’t presume it to happen
Then one touch can capture a soul

A temporary satisfaction

We crashed in a moment
Where I’ll know I’ll be stuck on forever
Until I’ve had my own purpose,
That part is still there, still there

Every moment I’ve had with you
Stored and embedded with my own
Even space and time are shifted
You’re just always improved inside

You knowing you feel it too

Then I realize if this happens to me
It must be the same for you

And I hope its better
I hope its better than me

Attached inside a feeling
To be a part of something
Synchronized with someone step
To be seated together in a movie
Companionship after friendship
Belonging in a moment
Immersed in a night
A kiss away

I’m trying to understand the ideas of having
The perfection to keep something precious

What again is happiness
If I cant find my own variables
To share with, to laugh with

None of the matter, maybe

Am I matters?

Then I hope you sad, same as me.