Bhumi Sumba

Initiative Project

Sumba Island, as one of Indonesia’s islands, has many amazing stories and cultures. As an effort to raise awareness about cultural wealth in Indonesia, Didiet Maulana, a fashion designer initiated a project after his return from the island of Sumba to increase awareness of this island through a website platform that can be accessed by anyone who is intended for the younger generation of Indonesia to know more in-depth. Collaborate with Andien & Ippe, Febrian, as well as some journalists in terms of content, the website design is expected to be the main portal in the digital world that can represent the island of Sumba as a whole, from its cultural aspect, its geography, and its tourism potential.

As one of the efforts to represent the identity of the best places in Indonesia, Bhumi serves as a name of the platform that accommodates it, so that the design of its identity pivots on the dynamic aspect that allows its identity can adapt to several cultures in Indonesia.