Brand Identity Design

Publington is a tech public space that emerges and empowering society to switched on their powers through shareable facilities by emphasizing the essence of a coworking space, private company & coffee shop. Publington is constructed by two essential words Public that refers to openness & something that affects the entire community and -ton, a suffix, from the unstressed word “town” that also refers to active cities of the world such as Washington.

Publington as new terms must have a definition. Observing at the values and origin of this word, we found Publington are a city where curated communities live & connect and act as a space of a process or act as a laboratory for every individual to be a catalyst of movements. This is configured that Publington is a laboratory of society and can’t be distinguished from the people itself, especially the Digital Natives. Every individual in Publington is processing innovation & make a progress.

Designer research concluding that Publington with all its values should make an identity that trustable for others to open their mind for achieving chill & active life–and show people through a progression. The identity itself inspired by the digital visualization that manifesting an offline space.