i believe that our brains are spaceless–we have infinite minds. everything i thought about one thing is always connected to anything that i’ve known.

when you’re interested to work with me, you may have to try to think all my references i’ve known, all my knowledge from thousand pages of books, all my interpretation about the music i’ve been immersed in, and all my social scenes & backgrounds. those matters will direct us: (1) into the way you wanted, (2) the way i want to choose, or (3) the way we agree to walk in sync. working collaboratively means willing to understand each other to gain the same value of benefits. it isn’t always about money or power you might to give to me. it’s more than that. i believe that design will always creates culture, culture shape values and values determines the future.

god knows ideas are priceless and time is precious. let’s make something cool and thoughtful for a better future, for your brands & for our kinship of humanity.