being one of those who reads Do Good Design by David Berman, and deeply influenced by the writings of Bruno Munari in Design As Art, i realize that our community sometimes needs proper business cards, charity poster or even a logo. based on my experiences, many of them seriously need an actual graphic design skill to enhance better lives, either for themselves or for their brands.

my collaboration reason is similar to a doctor who’s declared himself to help someone in an urgent need. so if you’re the one who’s concerned about your own issue or immensely underlining a high value in shaping our better society, you can contact me through email and put “COLLABORATION REQUEST” as a subject. Social Design, Graphic-Based Collaborations, and Conceptual Work would be very welcomed.

i will be glad to help you as much as i can do. Please consider that it will take some time in the process, so your kindness and patience would be appreciated.

thank you.