Tidak selamanya mengikuti orang itu baik.
Setiap orang punya caranya masing-masing.
Arusnya masing-masing. Be bold.
Karena kamu adalah kamu. Bukan dia dan bukan mereka.


Owi Liunic is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Bandung and Jakarta. She loves to draw since she was a child. Her family had this ritual of Sunday drawing every single week. She actually didnt want to take Visual Communication Design major at first instead she wanted to be a dentist. As time goes by, she started to find her passion in it. She then started to join various exhibition. The latest was Kaya Kayu Exhibition. She once joined Go Ahead Challenge and exhibited her art installation in collaboration with Dendy Darman. She was featured in White Board Journal and Nylon Indonesia. Her illustration is sketchy and vibrant. She draws things that make her happy. Anything. Sometimes turn them into products and merchandises as well.


  • Available :┬áLimited
  • Category :┬áLimited Printed Artwork
  • Size : 210 x 297mm
Printed on Canvas/Imported Paper *Frame included


IDR 350.000 (Estimated)



Aulia Akbar

+62 8565 9145 025

Aulia Akbar

+62 8565 9145 025