Tentang bersemayamnya manusia di alam semesta, tentang semesta yang bersemayam di setiap manusia, dan tentang harapan yang tertiup disetiap hembus doa manusia.

Karya ini dibuat di tahun 2016.


a kind of non-being who was born and raised in a rainy town that is now no longer shady then fleeing for a quiet corner of the flower city which is also now no longer fragrant, asleep and awake by celebrating all forms of feeling in a simple medium of dominant illustration shades of black and white, for several years joined the Maternal Disaster creative team, then fled again and became a freelance illustrator while joining to build small commercial-collectives called Qrimson Studio. Obsessed with the luxuries called pain and its antonyms, will continue to live, because the most painful thing is; to keep alive.


  • Available :┬áLimited 2 Pieces Only
  • Category :┬áLimited Printed Artwork
  • Size : 150 x 210mm
Printed on Imported Paper *Frame included


IDR 800.000 (Estimated)



Aulia Akbar

+62 8565 9145 025

Aulia Akbar

+62 8565 9145 025