Ku bunuh kau di kepalaku,
ku makamkan kau di dadaku
Karena sesungguhnya hal yang paling menyedihkan dan menyakitkan bukanlah ditinggalkan, atau meninggalkan, tetapi adalah dilupakan, dan melupakan.

Karya ini dibuat di tahun 2016.


a kind of non-being who was born and raised in a rainy town that is now no longer shady then fleeing for a quiet corner of the flower city which is also now no longer fragrant, asleep and awake by celebrating all forms of feeling in a simple medium of dominant illustration shades of black and white, for several years joined the Maternal Disaster creative team, then fled again and became a freelance illustrator while joining to build small commercial-collectives called Qrimson Studio. Obsessed with the luxuries called pain and its antonyms, will continue to live, because the most painful thing is; to keep alive.


  • Available : Limited 2 Pieces Only
  • Category : Limited Printed Artwork
  • Size : 280 x 280mm
Printed on Imported Paper *Frame included


IDR 400.000 (Estimated)



Aulia Akbar

+62 8565 9145 025

Aulia Akbar

+62 8565 9145 025