This illustration based on alter ego of me as an illustrator, to express my work consistency, my work existence, the signature of me and self-actualization, with the intention to balancing the pressure of The creative “industries” itself, that can reduce my characteristic and the way how I draw. Sometime this habit could be killing your creativity, then obstruct improvement skill to become an original illustrator with the style you like.

At the end of the day, through by showing my illustration style as identity, I hope one day the creative “industries” will recognize, accept and start to follow my artwork.


Restu Hadi Pangersa is Illustrator and graphic designer from Bandung. He always had a dream in dwelling within creative career from early high school. He began his creative journey as an illustrator and Graphic Designer student in one of the university in Bandung to further deepens his understanding about the world of illustration and graphic design. After his graduation in 2014, he transform his hobby into an industry with a message. The several projects he involve in including creating a cover for music band, mural paintings, merchandise, and various books illustration. He loves to indulge his illustration style with a feminine, yet contemporary touch. However, he can also easily adapt with the demand. He also seen often using other media aside from the digital ones, such as canvas, paper, and even a wall. Still, currently he is focusing his illustration career with based-print art illustration.


  • Available : Pre Order
  • Category : Limited Printed Artwork
  • Size : 40x40cm Printed on Imported Paper
*Frame included


IDR 400.000



Aulia Akbar


Aulia Akbar