Brand Identity Design User Interface

Was begin by a dream to summarize the knowledge of scripts wich has been used in Indonesia, then came out with the idea of creating interactive map contains with script knowledge that has been guerilla gathered. The idea was formed by awareness of the limitations of script data knowledge all over the nation. Including the lack of script enthusiast and the writing medium, wich is the manuscript and epigraph.

Eagerness to share the information about scripts became bigger. Besides the emersion of script class called Aksakun Class since 2009 in Bandung adding more verve and self-knowledge to keep propagating and popularizing ancient local script to public in an easier access, through a website. This informative yet interactive website lists down the appearance of Indonesia’s ancient script and also to gather people to learn through games. Also hopefully can appreciating the activities that have been done. The designer was asked to create a branding website with user-interface friendly, focusing on important information about the ancient scripts also to preserve full intention to what audience wants so they can easily absorb the information.

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