Initiative Project

Auroracoustic was born in May 2008 in Bandung. Founded by Aulia Akbar, who loves to write poems, lyrics, and songs. In high school, he had a band named “The Last Sunday” with Britpop genre. After the band broke up, he decided to continue on his own, with a solo project “This place, I promise you, I waited you” that contains two songs; “Happy birthday to you” and “Can’t You See”. The songs mostly about his own personal life or his memory. Auroracoustic suits anyone who’s feeling worried or want to be alone at the same time. After all this time, he realized that everything he did is therapeutic, it’s a way to channel his anxiety when he’s in love and his anxiety about life itself. Auroracoustic is derived from Aurora and Acoustic. Aurora represents the hidden beauty and acoustic represents the genre that he plays, also the high reverb tone.

After he learned more about music, Auroracoustic focuses on a folk genre, influenced by Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova, and the British bands like Oasis, Blur, and many others. All of the songs he wrote are based on his memories from his childhood until today. Probably, Auroracoustic doesn’t sound familiar in Bandung, because the words only spread among his friends. Auroracoustic first performance was at Gedung Indonesia Menggugat on 2012 in a literature enthusiast event. After the “Illuminate” song is included in Secangkir Bintang (a poetry compilation book by Sinta Ridwan), people started to recognize him and he became a candidate representing Bandung in a local artist competition from GoAhead Challenge with his song “Sat Under The Town”.

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