Ciletuh Jampang

Editorial Design

The record book of geology photography by Oman Abdurahman and Mega Fatimah Rosana carries information about the geological beauty of Geopark Ciletuh, Ciletuh, and surrounds as the only outcrop of the oldest rock (Pra-Tersier basement) in a form of mélange (a mixed rock) in West Java. The rock is composed of several metaphoric rocks, ultra alkali, alkali, and deep sea sediments. Also, has an outcrop of conglomerate–quartz sandstone wich is a part of Ciletuh Formation and Bayah Formation on tertiary age.

The distinctive geology area qualifies to be submitted as geology in heritage. Can also be developed to be Geoconservation area with geopark concept. The geological condition in Ciletuh to Jampang also have been represented on 6th International Conference on Global Geopark on September 19 – 22 2014 on Canada. This book is specifically arranged to give a visualization of the unique and rare geological condition in that area.

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