Personal Branding

Dani Huda is a photographer who endeavors, performs and create a visual experience for a revealing & fulfilling-mission through interpretation of edginess & high enthusiasm where others can strengthen personality, defining qualities and appreciating photography process. The works of Dani Huda are versatile and best representing the character from its object. He believes in every edgy matter, black-and-white, and delivering the best quality. Designer’s asked to create an identity that able to represent him to the world, especially in fashion and art industries.

Personally, Dani requested that the identity should show edginess within a raw image that exhales human imperfection. In a time, designer research to visualize those values through the Europian Monogram that inspire Coat of Arms in commonly England Kingdoms and combine it with the punctuation of “DH” to represent himself. Many explorations have been done to find the right one within morphological matrix & freestyle exploration and finally came out the right one that matches into Dani Huda personality and his character.

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