EIGER Playbook

Brand Identity Design Editorial Design

A good brand is like a human. When a human wish to move from one point to another, the body coordinates and move the human to that point. But then the question remains. How does this human move? Does he or she say something while moving? Is there a specific gesture? Specific style? Certain way the human take each step? And many more detailed questions. This playbook answers all these questions for EIGER. It is meant to align every action, every communication, every visual, every word, and every process, so EIGER–as a brand–can express itself in every touchpoints and becomes intrinsic to company culture. Beyond the functional usage, this playbook also meant to inspire you. It can assist every development process, fuel recognition, amplify differentiation, and make grand ideas and intangible meanings accessible. It helps all of us inside EIGER to make a promise, and build bonds with customers. Because a good playbook will not mean much without good players.

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