Brand Identity Design

PT Forum Inovasi Optima or more widely known as FIO, is a flooring supplier and installation contractor with a pre-eminent industry reputation for performance, quality & reliability. FIO celebrated 15 years of continual service excellence in 2016. The company’s origins dated back in 1982 when the original founders of the company saw the boom of the building materials business in Indonesia and sold everything they had back then in their hometown to seek fortunes in the capital city, Jakarta.

One of the subsidiaries of FIO, specializes mainly in soft furnishings such as rugs area, broadloom carpet, carpet tiles and hard surfaces such as wood flooring, vinyl flooring, and furniture laminates. POT Branding House was assigned to deliver Visual Identity that can transmit the ideas of FIO and it’s legacy, Sophisticated-Elegance branding approach within their values—by crafted Identity system that can excel feelings of high-end craftsmanship as their products do. Subconscious Feelings that Exhaling Satisfaction; Comes from Your Ground.

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