Glow Inc

Brand Identity Design

It’s undeniable that skincare products are now more vital than ever. It becomes people needs alongside their lifestyle. Knowing that Glow Inc believes personal-care products is going to be a great opportunity. Glow Inc as a newcomer in the industry is full of spirit. It took them more than a year to find the right formula, especially with Indonesia’s tropical climates which make the skin need is quite different than the others. Unfortunately, many new skincare brands goes without any concept which makes them unable to compete with others. That’s why Glow Inc wants to prove that they’re ready to compete and create a new standard in Indonesia skincare industry with the mission they carry; solving all skin type problem.

Glow Inc as a company that focuses on skin health and beauty hopes that their costumers could feel the actual “glow” from their healthy skin. Designer crafted Glow Inc’s identity in typegram, collaborating with Marla Putri as a vector-artist illustrator to illustrate every nuance of each products.

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