Goodism Visual Merchandise

Point of Purchase

One of the problems that slows down in reaching a good life is the way people manage their cash. Goodism believe that the solution to the problem stays in your pockets all the time: your wallet and your smartphone. How can this unlikely combination help you in living a good life? The good people at GOODISM Inc. have come up with a new approach to help you starting and maintaining good habits.

The Goodism Wallet is a functional yet fashionable leather wallet, and GoodCash, a financial mobile app to keep your budget in your pocket. To enjoy the complete Goodism way of living, these two items must not be used separately. If both are used regularly, they are helping you to form a new habit, in order to live a good life that you’ve always dreamed of. Goodism as a brand has a personality who maintain a relationship with friendly, engaging & helpful, got a character such a vibrant, casual and smart guy, who is a determined, goal-oriented, informative and spontaneous person. We visualize those character into engaging, informative and stands out Visual Merchandise. In result, the visual merchandise does help the consumer to engage with the product.

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