Hexadata Visual Identity

Brand Identity Design

Technological advances have spread across all aspects of life that enable human life to be better. Among them is Hexadata, a technology-based company that has a focus to provide innovation in the ease of data management. Hexadata utilizes drone technology, License Plate Recognition and data management of parking services. One of their products, Hexa Parking which has been implemented at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport, Palembang, Indonesia needs an identity that can represent their vision and mission that focuses on friendly technological innovation.

In this project, designers are challenged to provide an experimental identity solution that can give a sense of newness to parking services in Indonesia. Designers utilize Biomimicry principles that enable this identity to have modular value while still being able to represent their credibility in providing services to the public as a pioneer of a company applying the first License Plate Recognition in Indonesia.

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