Initiative Project

Through the KMK (Finances Minister Decree) No. 18/KMK.05/2012 on January 30th, 2012 in Indonesia, LPDP is appointed to be the ministry institute whom applying the Public Service Agency finance structure. As an institute who administer local and abroad scholarship, LPDP really appreciating high integrity value, professionalism, synergy, service, and excellence. In the scholarship process, all the students who got the scholar will be provided with few soft skill knowledge to give position themselves globally.

The scholarship candidates have to represent each of their generation to presenting their identity and as an existence standard wich will be useful in the future learning. Departing from that mission, 33rd LPDP generation or so-called PK33 values wide representation of humanity aspect in terms of reaching nationality. The designer was tasked to create a concept wich representing the scholars life-momentum through their LPDP grades, also designing a meaningful symbol as a representation of their hopes for Indonesian people.

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