MANA Hijab

Brand Identity Design

MANA is the manifestation of the Indonesian craftsmanship that metamorphosed from the Square brand. The sparks of feels, moods, art, and craftsmen within are using sophisticated-manner, from the liberation of an idea (creativity) into functional basic (veil) which brings solutions to daily life. The company bringing the nuance of elegance, sophistication, and craftsmanship to deliver its story: in the brief history where hijab evolved until now, fashion made changes for humanity through their identity to seek a profound entity of themselves; a declaration to rest of the world.

The visualization of the brand, representing the authority value itself, the semblance of realization of self-achievements that seeking inner value from every form of essential veils. Because the MANA stands for something, something intangible such as spirit—spirit that leave traces of hard work & collaborations. Raw-look identity visualized by its identity represent their power to communicate that their products strongly influenced by the natural materials & crafted manufacturing.

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