Pantulan Ragam Bumi

Editorial Design

Being on the earth bearing one human task – compromising with different obstacles, calculating where time dissolved at one moment, conspiring with lights, keep moving along with the harmony of the universe and earth beat, heed the breeze whilst be wide-awake to watch whatever worth to watch so that it can be valuable to shared.

No man complained about troubled and weary. No man reveals their own anxiety for being far from family and home. Even no man easily be defeated by the fear in themselves. A camera – every memory in every inch of their body–sometimes more worth to be taken care of because it is a partner. Journey after journey – is a way to never stop comprehend and to live the fortune of Indonesia’s phenomenon. All thirteen capturers summarized in Pantulan Ragam Bumi album, placing photography as a medium to capture the diversity of Indonesia’s geology wich has united with the biodiversity and the cultures surround. Without neglecting the aesthetic factor, every image that created is used as a sharing medium to the citizens after; that the earth is not just fascinating, not just admirable, and getting tons of praises, but it is also an enormous encyclopedy book wich its presence has a purpose.

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