Satori & Kensho

Initiative Project

In every design, every dot, line, shape, and color are meticulously arranged in advance. One of the Visual Communication Design studies is Graphic Design, which studies layout through the grid system. Philosopher and linguist argued that nothing exists in our consciousness before we put a label and start a discussion about it. Thousand years before the scripture was written, this magic sequence has already existed in the same time with human’s ability to identify, therefore this particular component is called “Fingerprint of God” because of its universality. This project is not only about the journey of finding the right composition for visual design, furthermore, finding the answer to the question “is there a glimpse of God in us?“ through human’s design.

It’s also a response to the condition where people don’t appreciate design and its process, where all they could think of is the final result. Inspired by the Grid System, I’m able to think beyond arranging something in our life. That’s not only the paragraphs we can arrange, our society too. Design Thinking changed my entire life. Connecting everything to shape and define our life through design.

The designer asked several friends within the same creative industry profession to discuss the implementation of visual composition on they works and asked them to be responded by manual grid system techniques which able to find the first structure that designer sees. The result was unpredictable and proved the designer first question about the truth of the nature of the grid system itself that can be found anywhere, be examined, be created, be analyzed and can be reflecting our nature as an arranger of the universe & space, the little life instruments that keep life interesting and be always mysterious. The designer using beautiful words & poems from many artists to convey and support each work to be more dramatically beautiful with more contentment & more understandable just like editorial design will always do.

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