Initiative Project

Tantalize is an initiative project for layout experiment that intended for Pre-Fall 2018 Ketique publishment, Hong Kong Fashion Week 2018, photographed by Dani Huda. Inspired by Elizabeth Njo May Fen designs, designer trying to reveal the concept of “Metamorphosis” to adding more explainable value to communicating its fashion approach in a editorial design implementation.

..thus its mysteries have remained a hidden legacy, veiled behind mystical stories and the world’s inheritance of art and literature.. for all to admire, some to imitate but few to understand.

A transformation is a dramatic change in form or appearance. In this age where everything has moved into more scientific and technological, the fundamental aspects of life began to shrink like in this reality where interaction is no longer real between the social scene, we can always cheat, making a fake smile or create an ambiguous persona in social media. Changes, however, is tantalizing. Everything that has a mind to think to want to evolve, like Aristotle said, “All men desire to know” that leads by knowing, craving for more and to changes wherever it’s for bad or good, normatively.

Life is never the same if we realize that we are actually the part of a harmonious sequence of time. Earthmoving so slowly, like geographically, mountains making a pulse, ocean plates makes a move so does us in a static position: grow old and destined to generate. Transformation somehow teaches us that all the knowledge we hold and all the mysteries of life we know or is it remains a hidden legacy of the world, veiled behind mystical stories and the world’s inheritance of art and literature is for all to admir

e, some to imitate but few to understand. And then, my perception of that dramatic changes in form is wherever we are and whoever we are, transformation has subtle moves such a fabrics of life that intimating a fading culture and leads to a new form where we can clearly see its only intervention of us, human act and the essential elements that we never escape from the earlier stage of the rise of human: time.

Transformation requires time, act and realization of being gone and regenerated. Fundamentally, we grow to consume all the knowledge and information just to reveal who we are or to ignore who we are. Transformation is the sequence of life that all matters have to be destined. Changes are tantalizing, mesmerizing and hypnotizing souls.

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