The Banjolin

Brand Identity Design

The Banjolin is a brand new band in town. Despite its freshness, the Banjolin must consider all things the band will face in another future day. Because of that, the brand’s image including visual identity, manners, and all the communication aspects must blend with the main concept in the band. When the Banjolin starts to come up and appear to the public, the Banjolin appear as the newcomer who jamming to one cafe to another, which is good for public awareness in branding sides.

The Banjolin brand needs to be sure that every visual communication aspects is always consistent to be more findable to the fans. And the brand external touchpoints like album artwork, EP album packaging, salesperson interaction, social media & blogs, promotions, direct mail, until for the word of mouth. The consistent image will turn the Banjolin to the true meaning and his true value. The message and feel & sounds should be calibrating in all brand needs from the typeface, shape, and color. Everything has to be designed well as The Banjolin wanted to be more mature band’s player and wanted to people knowing about, so there’s must be visual correlations & guidelines.

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