UNIQUE Identity

Brand Identity Design

UNIQUE is an idea that represents Unik Harjuntari that passionately engaged in women fashion industries with Nusantara’s values. UNIQUE’s vision is to inspire others to find authenticity through Indonesia’s material culture. As a company, they believe that our ancestor was able to embody the great values of life so we can learn and appreciate our life as a precious gift that must be embraced in many ways. They enthusiastically celebrate our own legacy in a new approach in women’s ready-to-wear fashion.

The designer asked to create their identity with “Eclectic” touch that means combining several items from a different context that creates new harmony to interpret & appreciate. Just like their products that combined from Nusantara material with edgy-cutting fashion items, the designer creates an insignia to represent UNIQUE as a brand and as a representation of Unik Harjuntari itself that gives the brand soul. After some research and development, the designer found that in one of Nusantara cultures, Pikukuh Baduy says in their manifesto “Mipit kudu amit, ngala kudu menta” that means embrace the culture and preserve it to the next generation. Within those understandings, the brands continue to producing good fashion designs to its consumer to be more actually comprehend the context and appreciate it in a good way.

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