Running Out Of Conversation

We’re headed for the same destination
But now in a different rail, I think
My little shy feelings ask to care
But no one gives a fuck about it

Between the lonely fields of grass
Towards the empty station
I find myself wisely don’t care about one thing
You may have it strange but yes it is

Maybe we’re running out of a conversation
Because all the matters were given a chance to split
are spelled out. Because of all the matters about our same
selfishness is thrown out, invisibly.
Because all that motions we’ve been keep secret
now is openly public to be ashamed of.

No one really cares anymore.

We’re leaving.
The problems never leave, just improved.

It only takes an hour to completely forget you
Until another passenger quietly wondering
About who is coming and who is leaving

No one really cares anymore.
No one really wins.

We are just passing this space
Inhaling the moment, becoming the product of memory.
You and I are never the same. Because of exactly that time,
me becoming completely me and I think you too.

In a train from Kaohsiung to Taipei
11 March 2018, 20:37